Isang Babae Ang Nakakita Sa Bata Na 140 Taon Na Palang Nakabaon Sa Ilalim Ng Kanyang Bahay

How well do you know your house? Even if we say that we have lived in our house for decades and stayed here every day, there are still some of us who do not know the story behind the houses they live in. Sometimes, they will only discover the true story of their house when they are renovating it. Just like what happened to Ericka Karner from California, the United States where she discovered something surprising and incredible in their home.

According to a report, Ericka wants her house in San Francisco to be renovated. So she decided to hire some workers to start repairing her house. But, the renovation stopped after seeing something discovered in Ericka’s house! As workers dug the floor, they found a small c0ff1n.

Inside the small c0ff1n was the body of a baby. At first, the homeowner and the workers were very surprised by their discoveries. Even Ericka did not know that a child was bur1ed under her house.

According to NTD Television, the child’s identity remained a mystery at first, which is why they first named it ‘Miranda’. Later, they also discovered Miranda’s true identity. After a year of looking at old 1800s records, they were able to solve the mystery.

The non-profit organization called Garden of Innocence identified the child as Edith Howard Cook. It passed away when it was just 2-years-old. According to its medical records, Edith was the first child of a couple who d1ed of sev3re malnutrition on October 13, 1876.

Edith’s identity was confirmed by a DNA test. But how did her body get to Ericka’s house? The land on which Ericka’s house stands used to be Odd Fellows Cem3tery. It was the 1930s when the bodies were moved but Edith’s c0ff1n seems to have been left there.

What can you say about this? Do you know well the history of your house? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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