Isang Lalaki Na Inampon Ng Kargador At Vendor Na Mag-asawa, Pinagawan Sila Ng Bahay At Inilibot Sa Abroad

When Jayvee Lazaro Badile II was a child, he has no longer a parent who was taking care of him. It is good to know that a compassionate childless couple who took care of him treated him like a real child.

So Jayvee promised himself that when he grows up he will repay the kindness of his foster father and mother, a few years later God heard Jayvee’s prayer when he was able to finish school and find a good job.

It was here that his promises to his second family were gradually fulfilled, even though he was only adopted, he was considered their real child, as a gratitude for what they did to him, he reciprocated it excessively.


He took it to another country, from childhood he was dreaming that the three of them would go to another country and buy their own house, Jayvee surprised his foster parents because all they knew was that they would only stay in that house, that was their house.

Jayvee’s parents are very grateful for what he did to them. They are very grateful for this, even though Jayvee is not their real child, they considered him a real child.

Jayviee shared photos of the three of them when they were nothing, he said.
“nuong bata ako si nanay ay isang vendor at si tatay naman ay isang kargador. Ngayong alam ko sa sarili ko na sa lahat ng hirap pagod at tiyaga narating ko ang kinaruruonan ko dahil sa kanila, kaya bilang ganti tinupad ko yung mga pangarap namin nuon.”

Many netizens were impressed with what Jayvee did for his parents.

What can you say about this? Are you inspired by his success story and the love of his foster parents towards him? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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