YamYam Gucong, Ipinasilip Ang Buhay Niya Ngayon Matapos Manalo Ng Ilang Milyon Sa Pinoy Big Brother

Yamyam Gucong showed his life in the province by uploading a video to his Youtube channel. Yamyam is the Big winner who won the biggest prize of the very last season of Pinoy Big Brother Otso of the Kapamilya network.

Of all the housemates, Yamyam was the one who marks the hearts of the most people with his ‘spiritual brother’ Fumiya because of the funny things they did inside the Bog brother house.

At the beginning of the PBB season in which Yamyam participated, he was identified as a provincial while Fumiya was Japanese. Many laughed at them when they talked with each other and Yamyam taught Fumiya to speak Tagalog.

But this Fumiya knows only a few Tagalog words, and all he knows is English and Japanese. Their conversation was liked by the fans of the show because they did not understand each other.

Since then, the two have become close friends in Big brother’s house and they have called each other ‘Spiritual Brothers’. Yamyam comes from a poor family in Bohol while Fumiya is a vlogger with a good life in Japan. He loves to come back here to the Philippines.

And now that Yamyam has won a lot of money, he is sure that he can lift his family out of poverty. But this does not mean that he will give up his past life. Yamyam knows very well how to live in their province. He proved this in his latest Youtube vlog.

In the said video, it showed it was time to harvest corn and peanuts on their farm. It even showed how to make corn rice using a machine.

Yamyam explained that if his parents were to be obeyed, they would prefer to become farmers because it has played a big part in their lives and this is the job they have dreamed of. Meanwhile, Yamyam has also started his bakery in Bohol.

What can you say about this? Do you admire him for her humbleness and simplicity of life in the province? Kidly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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