Jennica Garcia, Binebenta Na Ang Mga Gamit Sa Bahay Dahil Lilipat Na Sila Kasama Ang Kaniyang 2 Na Anak

Many celebrities were engaged in live Selling not just only to minimized their pre-loved pieces of stuff but also to have some income. But this celebrity has another reason for selling their items online.

The daughter of veteran actress Jean Garcia, Jennica Garcia has decided to transfer from another house with her husband Alwyn Uytingco’s children. This is one of the reasons why Jennica already sells their home furnishings like home items, furniture, and appliances.

The actress has been selling live for a long time and most of the items she sells are her items but now they also include household items.
“LIVE SELLING our clothes (for women and children), home items, furniture and more this afternoon, 3PM.”
“Break po tayo sa pag tinda ng 6PM magpapatulog lang po ng mga bata then LIVE AGAIN ng 9PM on my Facebook Page: Jennica Garcia,” Jennica posted on her Instagram account.

She says, “Marami po ito gawa ng ayoko na po sana dalhin pa sa lilipatan namin na unit ng mga bata. Start fresh ika-nga. Hanep! Naka hugowt pa sa morning. Sana sold out po ulit tayo ha? See you!!!”

The couple Jennica and Alwyn are reportedly separated but there is still no direct confirmation from the two. Jennica’s cryptic posts only tell about what they are going through just like an open letter she wrote for parents who have an issue in their married life.

“If you are going through something in your marriage but both of you are helping each other to keep the marriage intact, all praises to God!”

“If only the husband or the wife is trying to fix what is now broken and your spouse already let go of you to start a journey that is all about them (me, myself, and I) a journey without your family in it… Cling to God and do not beg further for your spouse’s affection when you already tried getting them back many times.

“This is a bitter pill to swallow but truth is, there is nothing you can do to change your spouse’s heart.

“It is going to be very hard but know that you are never alone in Christ. The desire for companionship will be so strong during moments of loneliness but take courage in the fact that the Lord knows your story from start to finish.”

“Hold on tight to Jesus and pray for His will and not yours to be done. WHY? Because whether your family is restored or otherwise, there is no better life than the life God has planned for you,” The actress ended.

Jennica and Alwyn were married in February 2014 and are blessed with two children, Athena Mori Uytingco and Alessi Uytingco.

What can you say about this? Do you think that they were already separated and her post on her social media account is the confirmation of their separation? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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