Kilalanin Ang Mga Sikat Na Artista Na May Sariling Taniman Ng Gulay At Prutas

During the [email protected], we tried to be more responsible and disciplined. If then we used to just buy almost all our food, now more and more people want to grow their food in their backyards and vacant lots.

If you grow the vegetables and fruits that you and your family eat yourself, you can be sure that they are fresh and safe. You will save even more and you will not have to spend much. Here are some of the famous artists who already have their vegetable and fruit gardens.

1. Liz Uy- Famous fashion editor and stylist Liz Uy once shared some photos of her and her child Xavi while they were in their garden. It is also remarkable that they grow plants that grow even more because they care for them.

2. NERI NAIG-MIRANDA- Neri, the wife of Chito Miranda, the vocalist of the band Parokya ni Edgar, has never really liked going out. Instead of leaving the house, she said she would rather plant in their garden and take care of their home. She also shared in a video their tomato, chili, eggplant, and many other crops with her mother, Nanay Lita.

3. CHESCA KRAMER- In the very beautiful dream house of the Kramer family, they also have many crops. The whole family is very grateful that they can harvest many vegetables and fruits in their home garden.

4. MYLENE DIZON- Her organic farm in Cavite can often be seen in the Instagram posts of the big actress Mylene Dizon. He also encouraged the public to plant more plants so that they have a source of food amid the pandemic.

5. ZSA ZSA PADILLA- Casa Esperanza was named by Zsa Zsa Padilla on her huge farm after her real name. It is located in Lucban Quezon. Like some farms, a lot can be harvested here such as eggplant, radish, kale, and many others.

6. COCO MARTIN- Coco Martin is also one of the many famous actors sharing their crops online. He once shared some pictures of his crops in his huge garden. It is also just located in his yard.

What can you say about this? Are you starting to plant vegetables and fruits in your backyards and vacant lots? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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